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November 25, 2019

Participating in a pediatric research study

It is the responsibility of those conducting clinical research to ensure the safety and confidentiality of their participants. Participating in a study is not as intimidating as it may sound. If anything you might find that participating in a study is quite simple and less nerve-wracking than going for that annual check-up. Our children deserve the best care available, and if current treatment options to any conditions they are experiencing are not enough, then looking to clinical trials might be beneficial!

Some of the benefits of enrolling your child in a study include the following:

  • To obtain education about treatment/improving child’s health 
  • To advance medicine or science 
  • To help other kids with the condition 
  • To obtain free medication for your child  

What does participating in a study involve?

At ActivMed, participating in a research study is very similar to a regular doctor appointment. Our convenient locations allow you to participate in research without traveling to Boston or a hospital. When you choose to  participate in research you are under the care of a doctor, who will monitor your child’s health very closely through regularly scheduled visits, labs, questionnaires, and other methods.

All participation in a research study requires an informed consent to be carefully read and considered by the participant. This document outlines every detail of the study; all the visits and what medical labs, procedures, and medications are involved.

The future of our children and their health are what we consider to be a major priority. Why not help them participate in a study that is no cost to you or your insurance, and can potentially lead to treatments to conditions?

ActivMed Practices and Research Inc. is now enrolling studies for our pediatric psoriasis trials in Portsmouth, NH. Learn more here. For our pediatric eczema trial in Portsmouth, NH click here. To find out more about our Beverly, MA pediatric psoriasis trial click here. 🙂


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