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ActivMed Clinical Research

ActivMed Practices and Research, LLC. is a network of four free-standing clinical research institutions, with associated private practices. Our motto is quality care, quality data, and quality recruitment in an expedient manner.

ActivMed operates four offices in Methuen, Massachusetts, Beverly, Massachusetts, Lawrence, Massachusetts, and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The proximity and convenience of the offices give ActivMed access to nearly 2.5 million people.

ActivMed has been nationally recognized repeatedly for its excellent patient care, patient recruitment, and high standard of protocol delivery. They have also been recognized for having successfully completed over 800 clinical trials. We have developed the staff, processes, recruitment practices, and facilities to meet performance expectations for Phase II, III, and IV clinical research trials.

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research studies can be a great opportunity for people to receive study-related care at no cost and to learn more about their medical condition. Volunteers in medical research studies, in most cases, are compensated for their time and travel commitments in the form of a stipend. At ActivMed Practices & Research, we ensure volunteering is a positive experience for every participant.

Our friendly staff understands and recognizes that all participants in medical studies are volunteers; therefore, we respect every participant’s time and commitment. In addition to compensation, volunteers often receive diagnostic testing and careful evaluation by a board-certified medical doctor. Lastly, many volunteers find that participation in medical studies can be a great learning experience that allows them to have a better understanding of their medical condition and potential treatment options.

Participation is always voluntary, and participants can choose to withdraw from a study at any time. Every medical study has different requirements, procedures, risks, and benefits. See our list of enrolling study opportunities and call or apply today. Our friendly staff will gladly explain the details of study participation over the phone or by email.

For Physicians

If you are a local physician or hospital interested in becoming an investigator, please contact our CEO at tstubbs@activmedresearch.com.

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