New England Neurological Associates, P.C.

New England Neurological Associates, PC Affiliation

In 2016 ActivMed partnered with New England Neurological Associates PC to help expand clinical research trial offerings within the local cities and towns located near our offices. Alzheimer’s Disease and other studies are currently looking for volunteers. New trials for other neurological conditions will be coming in the future. ActivMed currently has an office within the Lawrence office of New England Neurological Associates, located at 354 Merrimack Street, Building C.

With more and more of our aging community being diagnosed each year, and with no cure in sight, there is a race to develop better medical treatments. This collaboration and the addition of physicians dedicated to research for neurological diseases, has strengthened our ability to work together towards finding preventative and breakthrough treatments for neurological conditions.

ActivMed Practices & Research, LLC. and New England Neurological Associates PC are committed to offering cutting-edge research for people experiencing memory loss. With access to the latest technologies and research data available, we are working towards creating a better quality of life for all mankind.
Learn more about ongoing clinical trials, frequently asked questions, and resources. You may also find information about New England Neurological Associates at


Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES)

The Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety is a global collective of like-minded organizations and individuals working together, committed to the mission of “finding the most effective, innovative, ethical means of building, implementing and maintaining an integrated, comprehensive global system for clinical research, in a timely and cost-efficient manner- and then do it!”

Recognizing the need for uniform standards in the clinical research industry, our CEO, Terry Stubbs, serves as a co-chair for the Site Accreditation & Standards Initiative (SASI). Volunteering her time and expertise, Terry is working with a team to help draft standards for the upcoming site accreditation process.

Global Alzheimer's Platform Foundation GAP

Global Alzheimer’s Platform

ActivMed is proud to be a Global Alzheimer’s Platform Network (GAP-Net) site. This partnership allows us to collaborate with other respected academic and private commercial institutions that share the goal of streamlining clinical research and drug development for Alzheimer’s disease.

ActivMed Practices and Research, Inc. are proud members of the following chambers of commerce

Greater Haverhill Chamber of the Commerce

ActivMed’s President and CEO, Terry Stubbs, sits on the Board of Directors for the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce. Terry has managed nearly 750 clinical trials and has almost 25 years of healthcare management experience. She is the author of the “Quick Pace Recruitment Program” and “12 Keys to Successful Weight Maintenance.” She is also an active member of DIA and ACRP.

The Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce is a local organization of businesses whose goal is to support and encourage the economic and business development of the area. It is comprised of businesses of all sizes and provides networking and learning opportunities for the business community in and around Lawrence, MA.


The Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce

ActivMed is a member of The Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce is a form of business network. It is a local organization of business whose goal is to further the interests of businesses. ActivMed is a member of this chamber of commerce in order to advocate on behalf of the business community.

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