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ActivMed Practices & Research, Inc. has been acknowledged as a leader in patient recruitment, patient care, and continuously high standards for protocol delivery. Our knowledge, proficiency, and experience make us the number one choice for clinical research trials in Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.We pride ourselves on our longstanding history of conducting advanced clinical research trials for the world’s primary pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical, and medical device companies. Providing quality care, quality staff, quality data and a quality recruitment process is our priority. We are recognized for having great facilities that have completed over 800 clinical research trials since opening our doors in 1994.


ActivMed has dedicated Recruitment staff who work closely with PI’s and Coordinators on a daily basis to develop an optimal recruitment strategy that evolves when needed throughout the study. We dedicate time and effort towards recruitment plans for each trial.


All Clinical Staff is HIPAA, GCP, IATA and CPR trained and re-certified every two years. Each of our four locations are CLIA waiver certified. In addition to these certifications, ActivMed conducts regular training for continuing education on varied indications. Our offices have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Guidelines to ensure our staff is up to date and exceeding industry standards. Physicians and coordinators are encouraged to take the ACRP certification exams and reimbursement is offered by the company for those who pass the test.ActivMed uses Central IRB’s.

All Regulatory is done in parallel with Budget and Contract negotiations and require no additional approval by any board.Calibration reports are done on a yearly basis and can be provided upon request.

Virtual Trial Capable 

ActivMed Practices & Research Inc. is proud to be certified as a Virtual Trial Capable site. VirTrial has a stable, long-standing virtual care platform customized for clinical trial use with both patient and site needs in mind. VirTrial is using virtual care to transform the clinical research industry by offering a patient management program that combines video, text, and email for clinical trial sites to easily and conveniently address specific patient and/or study needs in a secure environment. The platform can be used on any device and at any site. VirTrial enables higher performance by clinical trial sites, greater accessibility to trials for patients, and improved outcomes for pharmaceutical companies. 

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    ActivMed is a multi-therapeutic research site with four locations that has conducted over 800 research studies on over 70 different indications. Please fill out the contact form below and in the comment section refer to the type of study you are seeking our site for.
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