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Mission Statement: To deliver Accurate Clinical Information by Providing Quality Recruitment, Quality Care, and Quality Data in an Expedient Manner.

ActivMed Practices & Research, LLC. is a multi-therapeutic research site with four locations operating in Massachusetts and New Hampshire since 1994. ActivMed has conducted over 800 research studies on over 70 different indications.

Our company offers a multi-specialty, free-standing research facility with experienced research physicians and psychiatrists. We have highly trained coordinators and work with private physician practices. Our providers are dedicated to providing exceptional treatment to their patients following Good Clinical Practice.  We are committed to assuring that all clinical trial protocols are performed with the utmost attention to detail. ActivMed can participate in Phase II, III, IIIb, and IV clinical trials on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

New for 2020, we are proud to be certified as a Virtual Trial Capable site through VirTrial. Our area physician providers have active practices in Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, which provides us access to more patients; therefore, we pride ourselves on the ability to recruit subjects for our trials quickly. 

All Clinical Staff are HIPAA, GCP, IATA, and CPR trained and re-certified every two years. Each of our four locations is CLIA waiver certified. Each coordinator is encouraged to take the ACRP national certification exam while ActivMed covers the costs of the exam. All of our coordinators have clinical experience such as nursing, laboratory, nutrition, medical doctrine, medical assisting, and bioscience. Each coordinator is tested yearly on their clinical skills. Documentation of training is recorded in our staff training logs and office SOP’s. Research experience in years expands from 2 years to 22 years. Quality is of the utmost importance to us; therefore, most of our staff have completed Clinical Research Quality Management training through the Quality Management Institute.

ActivMed has dedicated Recruitment staff who work closely with PI’s and Coordinators to develop an optimal recruitment strategy that evolves as needed throughout the study. We dedicate time and effort towards recruitment plans for each trial. Our robust CTMS system and Call Center allow us to quickly follow up on leads from various advertising channels and doctor referrals.

ActivMed is located north of Boston. We can draw from both suburban and rural communities. Our patient base covers a diverse population based on age, gender, and cultural backgrounds. We are a bilingual facility (speaking both English and Spanish). Recruitment is accomplished using one-to-one communication, established databases, and local marketing campaigns.

Virtual Trial Capable

ActivMed Practices & Research LLC is proud to be certified as a Virtual Trial Capable site. VirTrial has a stable, long-standing virtual care platform customized for clinical trial use with both patient and site needs in mind. VirTrial is using virtual care to transform the clinical research industry by offering a patient management program that combines video, text, and email for clinical trial sites to easily and conveniently address specific patient and/or study needs in a secure environment. The platform can be used on any device and at any site. VirTrial enables higher performance by clinical trial sites, greater accessibility to trials for patients, and improved outcomes for pharmaceutical companies.


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