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February 8, 2022
Show Your Heart Some Love. Learn about cardiovascular health in honor of American Heart Month

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. In a person’s lifetime, their heart will beat on average over 3.5 billion times. February signifies the start of American Heart Month, which means there’s no better time to show your heart some love by making healthier choices to protect it.

Why You Need a Healthy Heart

The heart and circulatory system make up the cardiovascular system. When the heart expands and contracts, it moves the blood into each chamber, adds oxygen, and sends it back out into the body. Each cell and organ (including the heart) in our body depends on a steady flow of oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to function correctly.

Cardiovascular disease is an umbrella term for various conditions that affect the structure and function of the heart. These include:

  • Blood vessel diseases
  • Damage to the heart from infection
  • Congenital heart diseases

American Heart Month

Picture of a heart and stethoscope. American Heart Month, Cardiovascular studies

Most diseases that affect the heart are preventable. Each February, American Heart Month is celebrated by motivating Americans to adopt healthy lifestyles to prevent heart disease. Here are some ways you can protect your heart:

  • Talk to your doctor about your blood pressure, cholesterol, and A1C
  • Reduce your sodium intake, and increase the quantity of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your diet
  • Be physically active
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Don’t smoke
  • Incorporate techniques to help manage stress
  • Learn how to cope with chronic conditions, like diabetes effectively

Visit The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) American Heart Month webpage to explore additional heart-healthy self-care resources and ways to help inspire others to protect their heart.

Cardiovascular Studies

Safe and effective treatment options for individuals living with heart disease are vital to successfully managing these conditions. When potential new options are developed to diagnose, treat, or prevent a disease, research studies help make sure they are safe and effective. Patient volunteers who participate in these studies make advances in medicine possible.

Give your heart the attention it needs, explore our heart disease studies today! American Heart Month

Help spread the love and brighten the future of heart disease as a clinical research volunteer. At ActivMed Practices & Research, we have several cardiovascular studies enrolling at our Methuen, MA location. Call us at (978) 655-7155 to learn more or visit our website today!





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