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October 11, 2019


We are excited to announce our new Free Podcast.

The ActivMed Clinical Research Podcast is designed to introduce the public to clinical studies, the testing of new medications and medical devices on human subjects prior to their approval for use by the FDA.  The podcast describes what clinical studies are, how they are conducted and the benefits they offer study volunteers and humanity as a whole.

Studies show that if people knew a clinical trial was an option they would be willing to consider participating.

Located North of Boston in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, ActivMed allows people the ability to participate in research locally.

Our host Jack Beaton is a Research Assistant and is excited to share many topics to help create awareness for clinical research. Tune in for lots of great topics!

Our first episode will answer frequently asked questions regarding the clinical study process.

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Beverly, MA

Methuen, MA

Portsmouth, NH

Lawrence, MA