ActivMed was Judged by Corporate Livewire

October 11, 2017
Corporate LiveWire Innocation and Excellence Awards 2018 clinical research trial study studies ActiveMed Portsmouth NH Beverly MA Methuen MA

Corporate Livewire awarded ActivMed Practices and Research, Inc. with the Innovation & Excellence Award and shares this information through a press release:

“ActivMed Practices and Research, Inc. was launched with the purpose of offering individuals the same quality clinical medical trials that are offered in hospitals and universities. The difference was that ActivMed wanted to offer these trials from a conveniently situated local office. They observed that many people cannot or will not travel the distance from suburban areas to large cities to participate in clinical research trials. If the commute happened to be too long or too complicated for the volunteers, then the number of willing participants would surely decrease. Excellence in Clinical Research Services ActivMed Practices and Research, Inc.”

“The Corporate Livewire judges were particularly impressed by ActivMed’s dedication to patient care, patient recruitment and their high standard of protocol delivery. Having completed over 750 clinical trials, they have developed the staff, processes, recruitment practices and facilities to meet performance expectations for phase two, three and four clinical research trials. These clinical trials have, in turn, led to countless advances in the ways of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.”

To read the full press release, click here.

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