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Our Trial Experience

750 medical trials completed to date.

Completed Research Trials over past 10 years

Specialty Disease and # of trials completed

Family Practice & Internal Medicine

  • Hypertension    33
  • COPD    6
  • Elderly hypertension    3
  • Bronchitis    9
  • New on-set hypertension    2
  • Pneumonia    2
  • Diabetes type I    2
  • Diabetes type II    46
  • Atrial Fibrillation    4
  • Hyperlipidemia    24
  • Left ventricular hypertrophy    2
  • Acute coronary syndrome    2
  • CHD    7
  • Women’s heart disease    2
  • PK Sample trails    240
  • Urine App    2
  • Osteoporosis    5
  • Sinusitis    3
  • Weight loss    2
  • Flu (acute)    4
  • Birth Control Oral    5
  • HRT    6
  • Birth Control Patch    7
  • Nutrition    3
  • Obesity    2
  • PMS    3
  • Celiac Disease    1
  • IBS    6
  • Constipation    3


  • Knee pain    15
  • Osteoarthritis    17
  • Hip pain    5
  • Hemoglobin Expander    1
  • Back Pain    7


  • Flu Vaccines    8
  • RSV Vaccines    2


  • Oral pills and drinks    6


  • Glaucoma    1
  • Conjunctivitis    2


  • Anxiety    7
  • Female sexual dysfunction    2
  • ADHD    3
  • Alzheimer’s Disease    11
  • Depression/MDD    13
  • Schizophrenia    3
  • PTSD    2
  • Bi-Polar    2
  • Binge Easting    2
  • Migraines    3


  • Acne    25
  • Alopecia    2
  • Dermatitis    8
  • Psoriatic Dermatitis    3
  • Psoriasis    12
  • Skin infection    2
  • Warts    3
  • Hair removal device    4
  • Winkle device    3
  • Rosacea    7
  • Sunspots    1


  • BPH    4
  • Testosterone replacement    3
  • Cancer prevention BPH    2
  • Urinary tract infections    2


  • Chronic Kidney Disease    2

*Vaccine trial recruitment is usually completed within 30 days.

It has been our history for vaccine trials to complete our enrollment within 3 weeks and often sponsors will ask us to continue to enroll more subjects at our sites.

Our company locations allow us access to nearly 2.5 million potential volunteers.

ActivMed Practices & Research, Inc. has been acknowledged as a leader in patient recruitment, patient care, and continuously high standards for protocol delivery. Our knowledge, proficiently, and experience make us the number one choice for clinical research trials in Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

We pride ourselves on our longstanding history of conducting advanced clinical research trials for the world’s primary pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical, and medical device companies.

Providing quality care, quality staff, quality data and a quality recruitment process is our priority. We are recognized for having great facilities that have completed nearly 750 clinical research trials since opening our doors in 1994.

We have nearby facilities that offer quick access scheduling and reports for study needs.  Our sites have contracts with local/nearby hospitals which allows us access to the following services:

Fixed MRI scanners
Fixed PET scanner with nearby cyclotron  services
Full Radiology X-ray departments
Lumbar puncture services
Stat Labs when needed
DEXA  machines


ActivMed has dedicated Recruitment staff who work closely with PI’s and Coordinators on a daily basis to develop an optimal recruitment strategy that evolves when needed throughout the study. We dedicate time and effort towards recruitment plans for each trial.


All Clinical Staff is HIPPA, GCP, IATA and CPR trained and re-certified every two years. Each of our four locations, Methuen, Portsmouth, Lawrence, and Beverly, are CLIA waiver certified. In addition to these certifications, ActivMed conducts regular training for continuing education on varied indications. Our offices have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and Guidelines to ensure our staff is up to date and exceeding industry standards. Physicians and coordinators are encouraged to take the ACRP certification exams and reimbursement is offered by the company for those who pass the test.

ActivMed uses Central IRB’s. All Regulatory is done in parallel with Budget and Contract negotiations and require no additional approval by any board.


  • -20° Freezer
  • -70° Freezer
  • On-Site lab
  • Refrigerated and non-Refrigerated Centrifuges
  • Multiple Refrigerators to accommodate temperature requirements for IP storage
  • Scale and BP equipment
  • EKGs

Calibration reports are done on a yearly basis and can be provided upon request.

IP handling and Storage

All IP is secured with a “Double Lock” system with limited access. The temperature is monitored on a daily basis. If a temperature excursion takes place outside of business hours, our alarm system is set up to notify site staff immediately when it deviates by over 1°.

Multiple Free Standing Sites

Beverly, MA

  • 2,170 square feet of medical office and treatment space
  • 20 miles from Boston
  • Access to Logan Airport
  • 7 miles to Beverly Hospital
  • Large Monitor space with access to fax/phone/wifi/Ethernet

Methuen, MA

  • 6,000 square feet of medical office and treatment space
  • 28 miles north of Boston
  • Access to Boston’s Logan Airport or Manchester, NH Airport
  • 3 miles to local hospitals
  • 2.5 miles from EMS/fire station
  • Large Monitor space with access to fax/phone/wifi/Ethernet

Portsmouth, NH

  • 5600 square feet of medical office and treatment space
  • Minutes from local beaches
  • 4 miles to local hospitals
  • Access to Manchester, NH airport or Boston’s Logan airport
  • Large Monitor space with access to fax/phone/wifi/Ethernet/li>

Lawrence, NH

  • 1000 square feet of medical office and treatment space
  • 25 miles north of Boston
  • 1.5 miles from local hospital
  • Access to Logan airport or Manchester, NH airport
  • Monitor space with access to fax/phone/wifi/Ethernet

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